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A lot of industries across the world use DO meters, such as environmental firms and laboratories. This means that getting the right dissolved oxygen meter can greatly hel...Read the Full Story

A digital clamp meter is a handy tool for electricians, engineers, and scientists to measure electrical current, voltage, and resistance without disconnecting wires. It o...Read the Full Story

At ADK Instruments, we take pride in offering you unique technology solutions that stand out from the crowd. As you explore our website, we want you to discover the disti...Read the Full Story

ADK Instruments पर लांच किया सर्फ़बी (SURFBEE (AUTONOMOUS SURVEYING BOAT) FOR ADCP WITH CAMERA)। सर्फ़बी एक आधुनिक नौका है। जिसे ADCP डिवाइस के साथ जोड़ा जाता है। सर्फ़बी नौक...Read the Full Story

At the crossroads of innovation and sustainability, ADK Instruments proudly represented cutting-edge water management technologies at the International Water Conference f...Read the Full Story

Think about the challenge of keeping our planet's water clean – it's a huge task, right? Whether we're talking about a small stream, vast ocean or even ground water, the...Read the Full Story

Effortlessly tracks soil moisture and temperature wirelessly, ensuring your plants receive optimal care. (Moisture Range: 0-200 Centibar (kPa), Temperature Range: -55 to...Read the Full Story

There's something magical about setting sail on a clear, sunny day, with the wind at your back and the open sea stretching out before you. So, before you gear up for an o...Read the Full Story

Handheld particle counters or Portable particle counters are designed to quickly count and measure contaminant particles in cleanroom air, controlled environments, and li...Read the Full Story

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